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Learn all about the free public lecture system at the Global Centre for Advanced Studies that are available to anyone in the GCAS community as we

Informing the Public – GCAS Lecture Series

The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS) has provided thousands of hours of free high-quality lectures and conferences to the public since 2013. We are committed to providing the public with high-level information and research findings from world-leading experts. This mission has become increasingly important in the context of active disinformation campaigns organized and distributed by social actors and institutions who seek to undermine the social good. The purpose of our free public lecture series is to provide the public direct access to experts in various disciplines in order to enrich knowledge and the public discourse.

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GCAS Interventions Programme

Our GCAS Interventions Programme is a free public lecture and news series that surrounds a cultural or social event of significance around which we produce and broadcast through our online platform. This is directed by Creston Davis. This is a news and analysis programme that lasts 60 minutes and gives the public a chance to interact with experts and eyewitnesses with the aim of better understanding the event of concern. We are working on populating the programme with marketable extras as well.

Past Speakers:

Noam Chomsky, PhD

Charlene L. Edge

Andrew Feenberg, PhD

Marianna Ganapini, PhD

Sandra Gangle, JD

Henry Giroux, PhD

Francisco González Castro, PhD

Macarena Gomez-Barrist, PhD

Lewis R. Gordon, PhD

Chris Hedges

Nikki Henderson

Azfar Hussain, PhD

Fadhel Kaboub, PhD

Cindy McGovern, PhD

Thomas Metzinger, PhD

Adrian Parr, PhD

David Parada

Carla Power, PhD

Nina Power, PhD

Nathaneal Snow, PhD

Greg Williams, PhD

Previous Lectures & Events

Public Lecture Series Invitation

Please let us know who you would like to invite to speak in our free public lecture series. Also, if you would like to join the GCAS Public Lecture Series Team, please indicate that below.

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