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SPOTLIGHT: GCAS Honorary President

Professor Dr. Lewis Gordon

Lewis Gordon honorary president of gcas

As Honorary President, my aims will be, first, to bring critical reflection to the fore on the meaning of “global” as one of our organizing themes.   There is a line of thought that treats any form of globality as “imperial,” an interpretation that emerges from regarding the global as that which could only be imposed.  Another model, which I hope we will expound, is global connectedness, where, as a communicative practice, the global is a form of reaching that brings forth the “humility” in “human” being through respect for that which contextualizes us—namely, our relationship to and with reality. 

GCAS Leadership

GCAS College Dublin was founded by 10 faculty members and The Board of Trustees. Each member of the Board of Governors are expected to teach as are all staff members. Importantly,

GCAS College is owned by the faculty who share ownership together. The model of ownership is designed to ensure that the modes of educational production, i.e., teaching, research, curriculum.

By collaborating with students, faculty, staff, alumni, industry, the community, and others, GCAS’ leaders are building new models for higher education. They lead in developing and implementing new interdisciplinary frameworks that address the world’s most vexing problems.

This shared sense of purpose, driven by our mission, has established GCAS as a benchmark institution in university governance and leadership.

The Different Leaders of GCAS College Dublin

Alain Badiou teaching


Creston Davis and Chris Hedges Seminar

Board of Trustees

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