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Why Study at GCAS College Dublin?

GCAS is Changing the Very Paradigm of Education. Learn more about GCAS and embark on the journey of a lifetime with us as we strive to change the modern academic system.

GCAS Facts & Figures

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We prioritize our students.


of all students are awarded  some financial assistance


Ratio of professors to students at GCAS. Includes guest faculty


Of our students find jobs within 6 months after graduation at the Ph.D. level

Why a New Higher Education College?

A new education model is ripe to emerge on the world market owing to several reinforcing and interdependent factors:

Given these and other factors, everything is now pointing to the need to create a new direction for higher education worldwide; GCAS has created a new, dynamic and a working model. The following can be read as our problem statement, written from a more personal, in-depth perspective, describing the main motive behind the whole enterprise.

Our Solution

Overturning an entire ethos, paradigm and worldview is no easy task. But the sheer insidious and intractable immensity of the problem is no license for apathy. It is the responsibility of those who lead to do so even if the sacrifices are great.

Albert Einstein once wrote, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” The greatest tragedy of our time is that not only do students not believe in themselves, but also teachers don’t even believe in them.

How you teach says everything about your values and even about the future. If truths are watered down into entertaining sound-bytes and everyone’s opinion is correct because they paid tuition for the class, then are we not judging our students not by sound reasoning and facts, but rather by the mere fact that they have enough debt-money to sit in our classes? The younger generation has been judged by an entirely wrong standard and it’s no wonder they have lost faith in themselves and can’t gather the resources they will need to address our most pressing global and local problems.

Our Proposal is Two-Fold: Strategic and Tactical

Carl von Clauswitz was a great thinker of war. For him to win a war one had to denude the opposition’s resources to resist or reproduce itself. From an objective point of view, the current business model of higher education is not only unsustainable but more importantly, irresponsible both short-term for students and faculty, and long-term for the economy generally. Higher education is its own enemy and will eventually implode in on itself.

Strategically, our goal is to continue developing the highest quality private college led by a faculty of bold leaders, innovators, and visionaries who believe that the human spirit can meet and overcome any challenge facing humanity and support the values inherent in the pursuit of opportunities and ultimately a life of flourishing for all. Our goal is to become a world-leading college drawing on sound financial planning and committed to educating via truths of history, and providing the essential tools and resources so the next generation can flourish.

Activating Pedagogy

Implementation of the learning objectives represents our commitment to training students and researchers in ways that are effective to living in today’s world with shrinking employment opportunities for college graduates. Thus a unique strategic pedagogical implementation programme is required emphasizing the following:

Creating a New Environment for Learning

We have also created a new learning environment in which the student is not locked behind the wall of the “Ivory Tower” but our unique hybrid design decentralized plural pedagogy assumes the student to already be in-the-world. In other words, the world is quite literally our classroom. By connecting students to inventors, socially conscious business leaders, community activists and world leaders and influencers, they are exposed to how knowledge contains the power to create new possibilities through implementation, development and communication strategies.

Community Service

GCAS is not only self-sustaining, growing but we are at the same time providing immeasurable public service through high quality free lectures and talks by some of the world-leading experts in various fields across the horizon and history of human inquiry. Some of the free lectures or GCAS sponsored discussions and conversations have included such illustrious names as Oliver Stone, Richard Wolff, Chris Hedges, Tariq Ali, Paul Mason, Lewis Gordon, Bracha L. Ettinger, Micah White, Alain Badiou and several hundreds of other leaders in fields such as music, film, media, journalism, philosophy, economics, art among a myriad of other subjects and disciplines. In total, we have offered the public over a thousand hours of free or low-cost education opportunities.

That’s Why You Should Choose to Study at GCAS

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