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GCAS Masters Programmes

In an age where disinformation abounds, GCAS is pleased to offer advanced degrees, accredited in the European Union. Your research will be supported by some of the world’s leading thinkers. Our Master’s programmes expose students to a plethora of different subjects and Interdisciplinary perspectives.

MA Degree Overview

Our MA degrees teach students comprehensive and specialized subjects and enable students to develop skills in critical thinking and analysis. By exposing students to broad themes, specialized topics and key historical figures, students will gain an advanced understanding of the field.

MA Degrees Offered at GCAS:

Applications for 2023 Open Now

Application Deadlines:

Fall Cohort: September 15thst

Winter Cohort: December 1st

Spring Cohort: March 1st

Summer Cohort: May 1st

MA Degree Info :

Length: 1 Year

Tuition Costs: 5,000€

Requirements: 90 Credits, MA Thesis, Defense

Prerequisites: BA Degree or higher

Financial Aid Available:

GCAS College Dublin Graduate School Handbook

Application Information

We consider the recruitment and application process to be a crucial part of accepting new students into our programme. This is because when an applicant is accepted, they will enter into a world-leading academic community and, when the student graduates, they will become co-owners of GCAS College Dublin along with the faculty and other graduates. Our application process is designed so we can discover and work with applicants who understand and want to extend our mission, vision, and values throughout their lives.

The MA Application contains two required phases:

Important Information

Because GCAS College Dublin has had students taking courses/seminars with us from over 80 different countries, it’s important to check with your country’s Ministry or Department of Education to ensure that a degree from GCAS College Dublin is recognized. 

Education Format

GCAS College Dublin’s primary focus is on rigorous scholarship both online and in person–i.e., a blended learning model. Although you may take all of the required coursework in our live online platform interacting with the professor and other students, your course will not be validated until you defend your MA Thesis that is certified and proctored by an MA Thesis Committee.

This means that you will be required to defend your MA Thesis in the presence of GCAS faculty members. 

*Please be advised there are English Language Requirements that each applicant must meet or exceed in order to be offered acceptance. Please familiarize yourself with our language requirements in section 1.19 in the Graduate Student Handbook.

Contact Admissions

[email protected]

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