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GCAS provides you with a network of connected intellectuals located all over the world. From our seminars, online courses to our research facilities and mentors, GCAS has something for everyone.

At GCAS, We Support Our Students

In contrast to most traditional universities which use the learning process as a means to the end-goal of profit making (turning the student into a commodity), our aim is to empower the student and professor, providing them with the opportunity for, and availability to, affordable education that becomes a source of power enhancement for both GCAS and the individual student. At the same time our pedagogy will be plural drawing on different geographies of knowledge and innovations balanced with targeted classical forms of knowledge.

Our programmes on student empowerment through the practices of critical and creative learning. Through a variety of social and personal learning opportunities, including coursework, mentorship, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) group work, internships, travel opportunities, guest lectures and hands-on interactions with world-leading experts, visionaries and innovators, students at GCAS experience a unique education that helps to develop healthy life-long learning and life habits. Our objective is to support students in their lifelong pursuit of learning by providing lasting tools in communication, media, self-confidence, critical thinking skills, and the creation of a global network through which opportunities beyond the BA experience will continue growing well into the future.

The GCAS programmes strives for a pedagogy of joy and curiosity, enabling students to explore and enjoy the processes of learning and self-development so they may lead the next generation into a healthier future for all. The ultimate mission is to provide rigorous, accessible, affordable, and cooperative education for the betterment of our world.

Student Benefits

Being a member of GCAS College Dublin is a privilege. Students in good standing have several benefits including:

GCAS Student Research Benefits

Student Community Life & Responsibilities

Student’s Agreement

Students are expected to read and understand the policies and regulations found within the GCAS College Handbook for enrolled students in The Graduate College. All enrolled students in The Graduate College agree with the policies and regulations herein by virtue of being a student. Students are expected to keep apprised of any and all changes to the Handbook.

Student Expectations

A student in the Undergraduate programme is a member of a high-quality academic community within the College.

The GCAS Code of Trust

Being a student at GCAS College Dublin is, at the same time, belonging to our academic community. Our academic community requires that all members always act in the most esteemed ethical ways possible. This is because when a student graduates from GCAS College Dublin, the faculty and Alumni invite them to become co-owners of GCAS College Dublin and one of the founding

ethical values that grounds our community is being able to trust each other. We trust that we are creating a different kind of Higher Educational Institution, one that is not concerned with making profits or money, but rather making a difference first and foremost in the lives of the younger generation and for the future flourishment of all living beings in our world. To instill this trust GCAS College Dublin has implemented a Code of Trust All students and members of our community (College) must sign and agree to abide by our Code of Trust.

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