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GCAS Bachelors Programme

GCAS College Dublin is recruiting the best minds of the next generation. We are excited to form the first class of our EU-Accredited BA Programme in Interdisciplinary Studies. We aim to nurture and support our students with the highest quality educational resources available.

About the Undergraduate Programme

This Undergraduate programme is ideal for students who like a challenge and don’t want to go into debt pursuing a degree. You will learn from some of the foremost thinkers and influencers in the world.

The GCAS Undergraduate programme focuses on student empowerment through the practices of critical and creative learning. This programme offers a variety of social and personal learning opportunities, including coursework, mentorship, group work, travel opportunities, guest lectures and hands-on interactions with world-leading experts, visionaries and innovators. Students at GCAS experience a unique education that helps to develop healthy learning and life habits. Our objective is to support students in their lifelong pursuit of learning by providing lasting tools in communication and media, self-confidence, and the creation of global networks.  

The programme follows our mission of providing rigorous, accessible, affordable and cooperative education for the betterment of our world.

Undergraduate Programme Offered at GCAS:

  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Art/Literature
  • Environmental Studies
  • New Media



Programme in Interdisciplinary Studies

GCAS College Dublin’s BA degree programme in interdisciplinary studies is designed for understanding and innovating new ways of being in the world. This degree was designed by some of the world’s leading experts to provide our students with the highest quality learning experience.

Applications for 2023 Open Now

Application Deadlines:

Fall Cohort: September 1st

Winter Cohort: December 1st

Spring Cohort: March 1st

Summer Cohort: May 1st

BA Degree Info :

Length: 3 Year

Tuition Costs: 3,500€

Requirements: 180 Credits, Courses, Dissertation, Defense

Prerequisites: High School Diploma

Financial Aid Available

GCAS College Dublin Undergraduate Student Handbook

BA Programme Schedule

The programme is three years in length and is designed to follow three interdependent stages:

Courses in the first tier encourage the acquisition of knowledge through the interdisciplinary study of history, ideas, inventions, discoveries from fields, technological, social, religious, philosophical and scientific. The second year applies this knowledge to our present time with the aim of addressing and providing solutions to the most vexing challenges confronting our common existence today such as: clear air and water, clean energies and environmental healing, shelter and peacemaking. The third and final year engages the creative powers of the student by drawing on acquired and applied knowledge to offer the world their research findings.

Each year has four terms, or “Quarters”: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Each term is 12 weeks in length. For students pursuing full-time study, each quarter term is 15 credit hours.

Each quarter term is worth 15 credit hours. Four terms are equal to 60 credit hours or one (1) academic year. Three years equate to 180 credit hours.  The student will need to complete at least 180 credit hours within the set parameters of the programme in order to qualify for graduating.

Much of the BA programme design is inspired by the Oxford style programme. The Oxford style places much of the responsibility for learning within the student’s initiative to explore ideas, practices and solutions, while being carefully mentored.

The GCAS College student is required to meet with their mentor (academic supervisor) once per month.

At the conclusion of three years of course and seminar work, the student must successfully complete the Bachelor Comprehensive Examinations. The student must successfully pass the Bachelor Comprehensive Examinations in order to graduate from GCAS College Dublin. These examinations must be taken in person or by an authorized proctor arranged by GCAS College in consultation with the student.

In addition to completing the Bachelor Comprehensive Examinations (BCE) the student must successfully defend their Bachelor’s thesis in the Bachelor’s Thesis Defense Examination. This defense is designed to demonstrate the student’s unique academic contribution.

Programme Requirements or Courses

Please take a look at all the required courses and credits for the bachelors degree. In the single chart you can see the entire 3 year curriculum of required courses and examinations. This chart does not include Specializations or Electives.

BA Programme Required Courses

Application Information

We do factor the applicant’s academic record into the decision-making process; however, it’s worthy to note that the Chancellor of GCAS College Dublin, Prof. Dr. Creston Davis nearly failed High School. He graduated with a 1.8 GPA, but because his grades weren’t good enough to enter College, he joined the US Army. After the Army, he went on to study at places like Oxford, Duke, and Yale, completing his Ph.D. at the University of Virginia in 2006. Dr. Davis’ story is important because although he nearly failed High School, he had academic gifts that his High School and the “standardized system” neither understood nor appreciated.

Among applicants, GCAS College Dublin also welcomes those who, like Dr. Davis, did not succeed in a standard education system, but nevertheless have promise – both academically and in terms of the will to think and succeed. This is why we do not accept the SAT or ACT examinations scores.

So, if you think you have what it takes to join GCAS College, then we encourage you to apply.

Perhaps this is your moment to live into who you are and not what the standardized system tried to make you believe about yourself.

*Please be advised there are English Language Requirements that each applicant must meet or exceed in order to be offered acceptance. Please familiarize yourself with our language requirements in section 1 of the Undergraduate College Student Handbook.

Contact Admissions

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