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Financial Aid at GCAS


GCAS College Dublin, Lmtd., is committed to providing the highest quality education at the lowest possible cost. We are equally committed to recruiting the best and most courageous minds to help lead the next generation through very challenging times. This is why we can provide all our students with financial support.

GCAS Low-Cost, Higher Quality Degrees:

GCAS College offers all students that we accept into degree programmes some form of financial assistance. Mostly this means we offer tuition-reduction scholarships.

The following is a list of the seven different ways we help students receive the high quality education that only CAS College provides.

  1. Extremely low tuition
  2. All students receive tuition remission
  3. Some receive 50% and 100% scholarships
  4. Earn GCASy tokens, which can be applied to pay tuition
  5. Flexible payment schedules

GCAS College cannot guarantee that your tuition will be free, but we will work with you to bring your tuition down as much as possible so you can be part of our global academic community.

GCAS College & Student Debt

GCAS College is designed to avoid having our students fall into debt in order to receive an education. However, should a student choose to enter into a loan with a financial provider, that is a choice that is up to the student, even if GCAS College strongly discourages such practices.

However, we believe our tuition costs fall below the “debt” threshold meaning that a student can complete their studies with GCAS College without having to go into debt if one is employed or has some financial support.

Moreover, should a student not be employed, they may enter into an agreement with GCAS College about how they pay for tuition and under what conditions. We are committed to providing students with as much financial resources as possible.

Of Note: A student who completes all of the degree course requirements will not receive the degree, or ownership value, until they have fulfilled their financial agreement with GCAS College.

How to Earn Tokens

In addition to receiving a guaranteed tuition reduction award, the GCAS College Student may also earn GCAS tokens by completing tasks that help GCAS College grow. You may also earn GCASy tokens by completing some required assignments in your courses. The student is encouraged to ask their professors about this opportunity.

GCAS tokens can be applied to pay for a student’s tuition.

Be sure to learn more about our Crypto-Education Economy.

Student Loan Deferment

Students enrolled in GCAS College Dublin’s The Graduate College are responsible for any prior student loans acquired by the student, including student deferment. Students are strongly encouraged to check with their previous student loan provider regarding loan deferments while attending GCAS College Dublin. GCAS College is not responsible for student loan deferments.

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