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Summer Institute

GCAS runs an annual Summer Institute that is tied to an international academic conference. The summer Institute is a core part of the Summer Academic Term consisting of several core intensive seminars with core and visiting faculty. We invite our MA and PhD Researchers to present their research to our community in a peer-to-peer space. This conference is also available online and private to the GCAS community. The purpose of the conference is to share research among our researchers in order to better understand and create new research channels within our global ecosystem.

GCAS Annual Summer Institute

Our Summer Institute has included renowned professors including Alain Badiou, Adrian Parr, and Lewis Gordon. The Summer Institute is linked to our annual international conference that have included hundreds of leading academics, politicians, public intellectuals, journalists, filmmakers, writers, dancers and artists. These Summer Institutes and Conferences are organized in various locations around the world. Thus far events have been held in Cuba, Paris, Slovenia, Athens, and France. GCAS remains faithful to its mission of debt-free, high-quality education focusing on bridging theory and action norkadically, in-residence (at some GCAS centres) and on-line (GCAS-E-School). A balance between a more traditional approach and the more experimental.

Previous GCAS Summer Institutes & Conferences

From the birth of The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS) we have organized an annual summer Institutes, conferences, and events held all over the world. Here’s a list of seminars, workshops, and events past & future.

Summer Institute 2023

GCAS summer institute prague

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