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GCAS has 6 branches, located all over the world! Check out all our locations below and what makes them so important to the GCAS vision.

About the GCAS Centres

With events, activities and researchers and staff participating from all over the world, GCAS is a truly international community where diversity is a value, not a disadvantage. In an effort of decentralization and to balance out inequalities among global regions, GCAS has established several nodes that are autonomous in their leadership, operation, staff, and activities, including their language of instruction(s) and the venues or times they choose for their courses. The nodes do not represent geographical regions and anyone can participate in any node’s work and courses if they fulfill application requirements. Please enquire at the node director’s or on their website for more information.

GCAS is originally based in Dublin, Ireland and have developed or are the process of developing learning centres in different places around the world including in France (our farm near Bordeaux), Santiago, Chile, Sydney, Australia, Santa Barbara, California, New York City via our partnership with Mile Square Labs, our Research Institute in Ireland, our tech lab in Stuttgart, Germany (Thingylabs.io), in Uganda and in Jakarta.

In contrast with traditional programmes, which are based in one geographical area, our campus is the world as such with various centres available to the student worldwide although some of our centres are in the early stages of developing. Please check with us about which centres are available for your research needs.

We also hold residence seminars for short periods of time in different locations. We’ve held seminars, for example in Hanana, Cuba, France, Berlin, Athens, Maribor, Slovenia, Paris, New York, Cincinnati, Ohio, Grand Rapids, Michigan to name a few.

We primarily teach live and online, but also hold residential seminars throughout the year in various locations as mentioned above. We are currently working on establishing permanent teaching spaces.

Our International Centres

GCAS Centre Directors

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