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David Parada

David Parada, MA

Co-Director of the GCAS South American Centre

David Parada

About David

David Parada Villarroel (1990) Master in Contemporary Thought: Philosophy and Political Thought, by the Diego Portales University and Bachelor of Arts with a major in Theory and History of Art from the University of Chile. Interested in the tradition and discipline of aesthetics as an entirely modern product, from which the same modernity can be understood from within, in a specific and broad way at the same time. Through his research, he argues that aesthetics as a discipline plays a leading role in the exercise of reflection, mainly from the contemporary drift, where philosophical-aesthetic problems tend to align with issues related to common sense/feeling, dispersion and specialization of the disciplines.

David Parada is the assistant to the Director Francisco González of the GCAS South American Collective.

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