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Get a world-class education from top scholars in an exciting new environment with other international knowledge-seekers.

Upcoming Study Abroad Programme:

Fall 2024: Prague & hybrid

Spring 2025: Prague & hybrid

Study Abroad Programme in Prague: Fall 2024

GCAS is launching our new study abroad programme in Prague coming in 2024.

If you have always dreamed about learning another culture and exploring the world, then look no further! With GCAS, you have the opportunity to develop essential communication, language, critical thinking and cultural broadening skills – all of which are necessary in our increasingly interconnected world.

GCAS offers you the ability to study side-by-side with other international students in the heart of Europe, Prague. We aim to provide an affordable study abroad programme. Keep on reading below to discover more about the programme and how to apply!

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

– Saint Augustie

Study in Prague: Programme Information

GCAS offers a unique opportunity to study abroad for Bachelor students studying any subject at college or university. If you want to travel in Europe, explore foreign cultures and make progress in your studies by earning credits, this study abroad programme is for you!

Before applying, be sure to read the information below to best prepare for your adventure.


* Each course requires active participation either in person in Prague, and/or online, and the completion of weekly and end-of-course assignments. If the student completes all requirements for a course, they earn 6 ECTS for each course offered in the programme. These credits are issued by our university institution and they are recognized within the European higher education framework. Before securing your place, you must consult your University or College Registrar to ensure our ECTS credits are transferable to your degree programme.

Academic Skills

If the student earns 30 ECTS credits during the programme, they will be awarded an Undergraduate Certificate in Academic Skills. These skills will be imbued in the courses, which include:

With a unique focus on transferable skills and knowledge, GCAS’ Study Abroad programme empowers students to succeed both their professional life as well as in their post-graduate studies.

Options to Join and Accommodation in Prague:

There are two options for our students:

*Accommodation (Room/Lodging) in Prague will be organized for each student and is included in the tuition fee for the whole programme.

About GCAS:

If you wish to learn more about GCAS – The Global Centre for Advanced Studies, please visit our website and watch a short video introducing our mission, vision and values. We are proud to offer a new model in higher education without compromising on academic excellence.

Part of our faculty and some of our young researchers will join us for our study abroad programme in Prague.

What is GCAS? — The Global Centre for Advanced Studies (GCAS College Dublin, Limited). We started a new higher education model ten years ago. Our new model seeks to increase quality education that’s debt-free, global, relevant, and co-owned by faculty and graduates.

Check out our Mission, Values and Vision.

Study Abroad Programme Fees

Costs for the programme:

*Initial deposit of $1,000 dollars is due after acceptance (deposit is included in the total programme fee).

Admission Requirements

To be able to participate in GCAS’ study abroad programme, either in person in Prague or online, students are required to have a transcript of records available by September 2024. We require every student to have completed at least two semesters in an undergraduate programme (BA, BS) before September 2023.

Application Deadline and Procedure

The deadline for application is March 15 or until the cohort reaches its maximum number of students.

  1. Please fill in the initial application form below.
  2. We will get back to you within 7 business days.

Apply Now!

Apply now by filling in the form below! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Write to Creston Davis or Viktoria Szilvasi for more information.

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Educational Information


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