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Join our online classes or sign up for a degree programme today. At the Global Centre for Advanced Studies, we offer undergraduate and graduate degrees taught by our wonderful faculty and affiliate faculty. Discover the world of education with GCAS College Dublin and change your future by applying today.

Education Comes First at GCAS

Here at the Global Centre for Advanced Studies, we prioritize education. We believe that it is important to educate the world and create an interdisciplinary and international connection in order to grow the field of academia and break boundaries.

GCAS is about you and your work. That is why your studies should center around your topics of interest. This means, at GCAS you will not be forced to write essays on pre-assigned topics to please your professors. Instead, we encourage you to challenge us by always applying your perspective and your expertise to whatever is being studied in a course. Only in this way, we believe, honest exchange can take place.

GCAS believes education and intellectual exchange should fit around your life. That is why all courses and degrees are offered in hybrid format. GCAS was built as an online university which means – with us – studying online is as engaging as studying in-person. Our in-person course offering ranges from individual courses such as 2023’s Bruce Fink Seminar in Paris or Rocky Gangle’s Nietzsche Seminar in the Alps to our annual summer institute featuring multiple courses and conferences at varying locations each year and our study-abroad programme in Prague. Check our calendar to stay up-to-date.

For us, honesty and freedom to think are key. This is why our lecturers include practitioners from various fields (artists, musicians, therapists, etcetera) that do their work at the frontier of our time’s innovations. If you want to learn from the top thinkers in a field – GCAS is for you. 
At GCAS, we are open to new voices. This is why your opinion matters. If you are in a programme and you are missing a perspective or want another voice on a topic heard, let us know and we will do your best to bring this voice into our ecosystem.

Academic Options

You can take three levels of education at GCAS: Individual courses, purchased via our E-School (click here to see our course calender), certificate programmes (click here) or degree programmes which both combine some of these courses and comprise graded assignments.

We offer accredited degree programmes on an undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level. Be sure to explore all the degree programmes offered at GCAS.

If you do not want to embark on the road to get an accredited degree, you can instead join one of GCAS’ certificate programmes. These programmes are designed around a core topic which is in-line with your research interests. You complete a certain number of courses, which include essay assignments for which you receive ECTS credits. At the end, you either earn a “certificate in” a certain discipline or a “diploma in” a certain discipline, depending on the number of credits collected. 

You will be assigned with a supervisor that guides you through the process of completing your certification. You may also chose to fold into one of our degree programmes after completing your certificate – of course your credits will be transferred.

Important GCAS Terminology:

Course: Example Course 101: This is the name of the course you will be taking. The course is broken down into weekly modules (sections) that normally correspond to one week.

Module: A weekly aspect of the Course

Class Session: A live online lecture and discussion session. This is when the professor and students meet up (within the e-platform) online. Class sessions are live and interactive, which normally are composed of a lecture and a discussion.

Our Degrees

At this time, GCAS is not fully accredited but we are currently seeking validation to award BA, MA and Ph.D. degrees. For years, GCAS has had students from over 120 countries taking non-accredited seminars, so we advise you in the meantime to check with your country’s Ministry or Department of Education to see how coursework and/or a degree from GCAS College Dublin would be recognized.

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