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GCAS Seminars

GCAS is well known for our Residential Institutes and Seminars. Check out our past seminars and events below:

About GCAS Seminars

If you become a GCAS subscriber then you can join in as many seminars as you like. As a subscriber, you can take live and archived seminars but you are not eligible for certificate programmes. Our seminars are mostly online, but we also hold in-person seminars for short periods of time in different locations. We’ve held seminars, for example in Hanana, Cuba, Berlin, Athens, Maribor, Slovenia, Paris, New York, Cincinnati, Ohio, Grand Rapids, Michigan to name a few. The live seminars that we offer via our E-School, allows anyone in the world with an Internet connection to participate in the learning and intellectual growth process.

Bruce Fink Seminar in Paris

The seminar will examine Lacan’s notion of desire as developed in and around Seminar VI: Desire and Its Interpretation (Cambridge, UK: Polity Press, 2019). Various neurotic configurations of desire will be explored, and contrasted with what we find in psychosis. The questions raised and contributions made in each section of the Seminar will be explored one by one, including the paradoxical idea, repeated in Seminar XIV, that “desire is its interpretation.” 

Nietzsche Alps Seminar

This course involves a close reading of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Core philosophical themes that will be addressed include the role of creativity in philosophy, the question of nihilism, concepts of animality and superhumanity, and the active destruction of the unities of self, world and God. You may take this course while trekking through the Alps with Prof. Rocky Gangle and another GCAS Faculty member. You may also take this course online.

Our Previous Seminars

1st Annual 2014 “Badiou on Badiou” Keynote: Alain Badiou Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Seminar: “We have Never Been Queer” Jack Halberstam & Paul Preciado, Sep 2014 [Centre Pompidou, Paris]

Inquiry in Berlin: Art Research as Theory & Practice, July 7-August 19 [Berlin, Germany]

2nd Annual 2015 “Democracy Rising” Conference, University of Athens, Athens, Greece July 15-19

Seminar: “Democracy Rising” Oliver Stone, Chris Hedges, David Allen, Richard Wolff et al. [New York City — Brooklyn] August-December 2015

Radical Theology Symposium June 2016 [Maribor Slovenia]

3rd Annual 2016 “Democracy Rising, USA” Jul 24 Seminar, Keynote: Chris Hedges, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Seminar “Cuban Revolution” Jan 2017 [Havana, Cuba]

4th Annual 2017 “Practicing Intellectual Resistance” Keynote: Lewis Gordon, Tere Vadén, Ward Blanton, Clayton Crockett, Rocky Gangle, Jane Anna Gordon, Margaret Young, Alfi Bown, James Smith [Maribor, Slovenia]

5th Annual 2018 “Aesthetic Resistance & Performance: Philosophy, Fascism, Democracy” Keynote: Lewis Gordon, Giovanni Tusa, Erik Bordeleau, Julie Reshe, Rocky Gangle, Margaret Young, Adam Graves, Jon Solomon, Creston Davis at PAF, Saint-Erme-Outre-et-Ramecourt, France June 2018

6th Annual 2019 “Art and Philosophy as a Means of Production” Keynote: Lewis Gordon, Alexandra Gabbard, Rocky Gangle, Adam Szymanski, Creston Davis [Bergerac, France]

Roundtable “Philosophy, Death, and Aesthetics”, Oct 31, 2021 [Mexico City] Clayton Crockett, Stephanie Gray, Clara Bolivar, and Francisco González Castro

Roundtable “GCAS Bogatá Panel” Nov 19, 2021 [Bogotá, Colombia]

Roundtable “War and Contemporary Media” Saturday March 5, 2022 [Toronto, Canada]

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