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The Global Centre for Advanced Studies is still a growing university that has lots of goals and aspirations. With the help of our students, faculty and those that believe in our vision, we can make anything possible. Please read on below on all the different ways that you can support GCAS College Dublin.


One way we finance specific projects within GCAS is via donations. You can choose to donate any amount as a one time donation and receive a donation certificate, if you like. If you gift $100 or more, your name will be forever marked as a “financial supporter” to our the specific project you contribute to. You can find a list of our current projects below.  If you would like to donate on a regular basis, you can chose to visit our Patreon account and give an amount of your choosing.

Let’s give top-quality, EU accredited degrees to qualified students around the globe especially those who historically have not had equal access to quality education. Think about the power of what you can do. GCAS still need 3,500 more dollars to fund our EU BA programme application for accreditation. Do you think you can help? If you give a gift of $100 or more your name will be forever marked as a “financial supporter” to our EU BA programme.

When you become a subscribing member of GCAS you help us continue to deliver seminars and programs that are not influenced by external pressures to conform to a profit driven model that, or our mind has undermined academic freedom and new ways to create solutions to our most vexing problems we face today. When you become a member you become part of our cooperative community whose mission is to protect and create bold new ways of thinking and being in the world.

GCAS Funding

GCAS is a private limited company co-owned by its (former) students and faculty. It grows organically using tuition funds and donations. Every course you buy, every donation you make and every friend you recommend, helps GCAS revolutionize higher education – and do so without granting third-party’s voting rights. GCAS does not hold liabilities to any institutions or individuals that would grant decision making rights. It is therefore independent from third parties that are not involved in the educational ventures of GCAS. 

Your Funds Will:

GCAS Development Office

GCAS has two professional grant writers (Petra Paulic & Tonina Alomar) who are capable of writing grants to the European Union for the purposes of funding GCAS programing. We will benefit from the strategic location of our center in Ireland, which is closer to North America to address our primary demographic target in the USA and Canada, and which is also in the EU to get benefit from those financial support and grant opportunities.

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