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We are not sure that today, the word “Art” is the best expression for our interests, which can take distance from what the modern Art system has conceived of as “Art”. However, it is still a word and a field towards which many people look for spaces of creation and freedom. Exploring “Art” in its more traditional and popular sense is what is represented by the Department of Art at GCAS College.

About the Art Department at GCAS

Our focus is on artistic practices in their different forms and formats, practices that are inevitably related to their contexts and where these practices exceed the limits of the work and operate in the world in different dimensions.For this reason, we want the Art Department at GCAS to become a space where different perspectives and visions can critically dialogue with one another about artistic practices in both their political and creative dimension, exploring how art can delineate a way of life different from the neoliberal, capitalistic model. We want to build a community with people from different backgrounds, where experimentation is privileged, both in artistic practice and in reflective practice, with a free and critical spirit. To achieve this, we will begin by offering seminars, workshops and lectures and later on we will offer certificates and more extensive programs.

Art Department Co-Chairs:

Francisco Gonzalez Castro

Helen Rollins

Art Department Teaching Fellows:

Eduardo Cruces

Benjamin Studebaker

Ursula San Cristobal

Emmalea Russo

Asma Abbas

Art Seminars & Talks 2022

Des-Terra Book

How to deindustrialize our artistic practices?

Seminar – Eduardo Cruces – October 16th, 23th, 30th and November 6th

The way is shut. The american legitimacy crisis

Seminar – Benjamin Studebaker – November 13th, 20teh, 27th and December 4th

The way is shut seminar

Art Department Seminars Information:

Seminars of four sessions

Costs: 100€

Prerequisites: Non

Art Department Talks Information:

Free to all

Contact the Art Department:

[email protected]

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