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If you are interested in joining the GCAS College Dublin community, then you are in the right place. Learn all about our admissions process and get started on your GCAS application today!

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A Welcome From the Director

I am delighted to collaborate with you as you go through the admission process at GCAS College. I’m here to assist you with any questions or concerns you have before or after you apply. GCAS expects high quality work on all levels. This was one of the main reasons why I became part of this dynamic and innovative global community. One of the most attractive aspects of this academic community is how “the GCAS model” is geared to attract and work with Researchers (that is how we refer to “students”) from the Global South and East (i.e., Asia, Africa, and South America). I live and work in Sri Lanka, for example, and I can tell you firsthand how authentic GCAS’ mission is in wanting to work with really smart researchers irrespective of their financial resources. That’s what’s most important to GCAS — working with the brightest minds on the planet because we need diverse minds working together across borders and this in order to solve the most vexing issues confronting our common cohabitation. We believe our diverse and multicultural model is one of the most vital factors in addressing challenges for a healthier future, today. So I am here to help so feel free to email me or schedule an e-meeting where you can have all your questions answered. – GCAS Admissions Director

What GCAS Looks for in an Applicant

GCAS College has one of the best faculties in the world. We seek to recruit leaders of the next generation who are courageous enough to succeed and flourish. We especially desire applicants who want to concretely address the most vexing issues our planet faces, through bold new projects, ideas, business models and innovative research findings. Therefore, the qualities we seek in an applicant do not simply concern their academic record, but more their academic promise and who the applicant is beyond “standardized assessments.”

Albert Einstein once wrote, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” The greatest tragedy of our time is that not only do students not believe in themselves, but also teachers don’t even believe in them.

Creston Davis, Ph.D. Chancellor

We do factor the applicant’s academic record into the decision-making process; however, it’s worthy to note that the Chancellor of GCAS College Dublin, Prof. Dr. Creston Davis nearly failed High School. He graduated with a 1.8 GPA, which is a “C” grade overall, but because his grades weren’t good enough to enter College, he joined the US Army. After the Army, he went on to study at places like Oxford, Duke, and Yale, completing his Ph.D. at the University of Virginia in 2006. Dr. Davis’ story is important because although he nearly failed High School, he had academic gifts that his High School and the “standardized system” neither understood nor appreciated.

Among applicants, GCAS College Dublin also welcomes those who, like Dr. Davis, did not succeed in a standard education system, but nevertheless have promise – both academically and in terms of the will to think and succeed. This is why we do not accept the SAT or ACT examinations scores but rather have our own GCAS BA Entrance Examination. Our examination is designed to identify bold applicants who think against the grain.

So, if you think you have what it takes to join GCAS College, then we encourage you to apply. Perhaps this is your moment to live into who you are and not what the standardized system tried to make you believe about yourself.

*Please be advised there are English Language Requirements that each applicant must meet or exceed in order to be offered acceptance. Please familiarize yourself with our language requirements in section 1 of the Undergraduate College Student Handbook.

Acceptance and Matriculation

Prerequisites for Acceptance

Our researchers come from some of the best academic institutions in the world. Just look at all the connections GCAS has – Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University, London School of Economics, Swarthmore, Yale University, New York University, Case Western Reserve University, and other institutions.

However, as a research institute and college that is challenging traditional academia, we attract applicants who bring diverse backgrounds, experiences, and fresh perspectives to the conversation and research. If you are passionate about learning new skills and want to help re-shape the future of learning, then we invite you to join our intellectual and activist community by applying. To help us accomplish our goal of truly accessible education, the application does not have a fee.

Our degree programme is rigorous and applicants must possess an accredited Master’s degree to be considered for admission into our Ph.D. programme with few exceptions. On occasion, applicants with a BA and extensive experience may be considered. Applicants with a BA who the admissions committee does not believe meet the requirements for the Ph.D. will be considered for the MA programme. You must possess an accredited BA degree to be considered for admission into our MA programmes.

After Acceptance

After an applicant is accepted into their GCAS programme, they will be notified. Once the successful applicant has been notified they will have time to accept GCAS’ offer. Once the successful applicant accepts the offer and terms they must secure their place via a non-refundable deposit of five hundred 250€ (unless otherwise stated). This non-refundable deposit is part of the overall tuition costs and so will be deducted from the full tuition amount. Until GCAS College is accredited, all new students will need to agree on the terms and understand the risks involved. Once the student is accepted they will need to afford GCAS College with official transcripts from all universities and colleges they attended.

Flexible Degrees

GCAS offers a very flexible alternative to normal universities. With GCAS, you can do your entire degree online and still work with other students all over the world. Getting your degree at your own pace allows for total control and flexibility!

Full Time & Part Time Enrollment

Students in the MA programme can be enrolled either Full Time or Part Time. The requirement for full time student status in the MA programme is to be enrolled and complete 50 credit hours or more per academic year. The requirement for part time student status in the Ph.D. programme is to be enrolled and complete 25-30 credit hours per academic year.

Transferring Into and From GCAS College Dublin

Owing to GCAS College Dublin’s Curriculum design, students who transfer into GCAS College Dublin from other institutions of higher education may not transfer more than 10 credit hours total.

Transfer students must apply for credit approval through the office of the Dean of Student Affairs. A form for applying for recognized transfer credit is available by requesting this form from the Dean of Student Affairs’ office.

Students transferring from GCAS College Dublin to other institutions of higher education must keep in mind that GCAS College Dublin is not accredited at this time, therefore we cannot guarantee that any courses taken at GCAS College Dublin will transfer as the authority that grants credit is on the onus of the institution to which the student is transferring.

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