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You must be a researcher in the GCAS College community to earn and claim tokens.

Welcome to the page where you can claim your GCAS Tokens! All you have to do is simply fill out the form to get your GCAS Tokens. Just let us know what you did (from the Bounty Sheet) to earn tokens. Once you get your tokens, you are free to keep them, use them to help pay for tuition, or even exchange them with other students.

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Creating a new decentralized collaborative knowledge economy.
John Doe
You must use your real name — don’t be a troll.
Total amount of GCA$¥ tokens you are claiming (please reply in a whole number form, i.e., 100 or 745, or 1230).
Never give out your private key!
If you want your GCA$Y tokens distributed to your digital wallet please tell us what your public key is for Ethereum. [If you need to establish a digital wallet you can use several services. Here’s one https://metamask.io. GCAS College Dublin does not endorse any one digital wallet–this is just a suggestion.]
I read a book. I published an article.
Please list the actions/tasks you’ve completed as reflected on the Bounty Sheet (or other means) for your claim. If the task is not on the Bounty please describe your completed tasks in detail.
make a GCAS sandcastle
Propose a GCA$¥ request. If you have a project such as reading a book and sharing it with us, or making a GCAS Sand Castle, we’d like to hear your proposal. Please describe your project for GCA$¥ and what you’d like to earn (or claim) by completing the project.
“Disclaimer: GCASY is a vehicle for tracking valuable contributions to the GCAS, nothing more, nothing less. The tokens do not represent any monetary or financial value. GCASY tokens do not have any rights, uses, purposes, attributes, functionalities or features, express or implied, including, without limitation, any uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features within GCAS. While GCASY may be redeemable in the future, all the risk is with the token holders. GCAS may or may not exchange its services for GCASY tokens. Further on, third parties may or may not exchange their services for GCASY tokens.” * *
I agree


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