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 GCAS boasts a collection of 117 Core and Affiliate Professors that is arguably the best collection of cadre in the world in philosophy and the humanities. Affiliate Professors are professors who support GCAS in a number of ways: teaching; organizing; mentoring, etc. Core Faculty is defined as the faculty who teach regularly for GCAS (meaning once a year on a repeated basis).

GCAS Core & Affiliate Faculty, Guest Speakers, Invited Lecturers & Professors


Tariq Ali (Lectured “Democracy Rising” Athens 2015)

Darrell Arnold (Seminar Sep 2014)


Alain Badiou (Honorary President 2015 Core Faculty:  Seminars: Summer 2014; Lectured Winter 2015; Paris 2018)

Gopal Balakrishnan

Daniel Barber (Seminars: Fall 2014/ Spring 2015)

Franco Berardi (Seminar Summer 2014, Interview, Spring 2015)

Ward Blanton (Summer Institute 2017)

Kevin Boileau, Ph.D. Associate Professor

Erik Bordeleau (Summer Institute, 2018, Lecture, September 2018)

Bruno Bosteels (Lectured at Democracy Rising, Athen, 2015)

Arianna Bove (Translated Antonio Negri’s Lecture, Fall 2014)

Malcolm Byrd (Lectured Summer 2017)


John D. Caputo (Seminars Theology & Philosophy Spring 2014/ Summer 2014, Lectured Fall 2014)

Nahum Dimitri Chandler, Ph.D.

Ania Chromik (Lectured Fall 2016)

Shane Claiborne 

Claudia Cofré

Joan Copjec

Drucilla Cornell, Ph.D.

Simon Critchley (Seminar Summer 2014)

Clayton Crockett (Lectured Spring 2014, Summer Institute 2017, Summer Institute 2018)


Mario D’Amato

David Davila

Creston Davis (Founding Director GCAS, Chancellor, GCAS College Dublin & Core Faculty)

William Desmond (Lectured Fall 2014)


Farhang Erfani (Seminar with Daniel Tutt, Winter 2015, Spring 2020)

Bracha L. Ettinger (Core Faculty, Seminar Spring 2019)

Brad Evans (Lectured Fall 2014)


Keith Faulkner (Deleuze Series 2015-2016)

Andrew Feenberg (Sep 2014)

Kenneth Fields, Ph.D.


Alexandra Gabbard

Rocco Gangle (Distinguished Research Fellow)

Abhishek Ghosh (Joined Fall 2017, Ph.D. University of Chicago)

Alex Gil (Lectured Fall 2016)

Henry Giroux (Lectured Fall 2013, Fall 2016, Workshop Spring 2018)

Francisco Gonzalez (Academic Dean, Faculty, Director of GCAS South America: Seminar, Santiago Chile Fall 2017)

Priyamvada Gopal

Lewis R. Gordon (Honorary President, Core Faculty: Lectured Dec 2016, Summer Institute 2017, Lectured Aug 2017)

Jane Gordon (Core-Faculty: Summer Institute)

Evan Gottlieb

Adam Graves (Lectured Summer Institute 2017 Slovenia, Summer Institute 2018 France)

Tom Griffiths

Mike Grimshaw (Contributed Theology Summit 2016)

Andrej Grubacic (Ind. Study Spring 2014)


J. Jack Halberstam (Lectured, Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Seminar, Paris Sep 2014)

Dave Hale

Michael Hardt (Lectured Spring 2014 and Fall 2014)

Chris Hedges (Lectured Fall 2015, Lectured “Democracy Rising: Philadelphia 2016-Uni of Pennsylvania)

Shaun Henson Member of the Board of Directors, GCAS College Dublin

Srecko Horvat (Lectured “Democracy Rising: Athens 2015” Fall 2016 Maribor)

Peter Hudis (Lectured Fall 2016)

Azfar Hussain (Honorary Vice-President; Core Faculty: Lectured numerous times, Cuba, 2017)


Luce Irigaray (Core Faculty: Irigaray Seminar, Paris 2016 and 2017)


Michael Jackson

Jan Jagodzinski (Summer Institute/Conference, 2017)

Petar Jandrić (Democracy Rising Conference, Athens 2015)

Cory Johnson, Ph.D. Candidate


Richard Kearney (Lectured, Fall 2014)

Catherine Keller (Lectured, Fall 2014)


Claudia Landolfi (Seminar with “Bifo” Summer, 2014)

Jonathan Lee

Paul Livingston (Seminar Mathematical Ontology and Politics, Fall 2014)

Dejan Lukic, PhD GCAS College Dublin (Lectured Spring 2017)


Houzan Mahmoud (Seminar, Fall 2017)

Catherine Malabou (Lectured, Spring 2016)

Jeff Malpas

Lori Marso (Lectured, Fall 2014, Ind. Study)

Thomas Metzinger (Lectured Fall 2019).

Anne McClintock

Fragkiska Megaloudi (Seminar Spring 2016)

John Milbank, Research Fellow


Thomas Nail

Jean-Luc Nancy (Core Faculty: Seminar, Deconstruction Series I & II Spring 2015/Summer 2016, Seminar September, 2018, Seminar Strasbourg, Spring 2019) (Rest in Peace)

Antonio Negri (Lectured Fall, 2014, Contributor Fall, 2017)

Saul Newman

Anastasia Nicéphore, Ph.D.


Peter Y. Paik

Adrian Parr (Distinguished Research Fellow: Fall 2014, Summer Institute 2017)

Marcus Pound

Paul B Preciado (Seminar, Paris Sep 2014)

Graham Priest (Lectured, Fall 2014)



Joshua Ramey (Core Faculty: Seminar, Summer Institute, 2017)

Carl Raschke (Lectured, Seminar Critical Theology, Summer, 2014)

Brigit Rasmussen

Kenneth Reinhard

Julie Reshe (Core Faculty; Lectured and Seminars numerous times; Director of Psychoanalysis Institute)

Jeffrey W. Robbins (Lectured Fall 2014 Theology Summit, Summer 2016)

William Robinson (Lectured Fall 2015)

Peter Rollins (Seminar on Theology, Summer 2014)

Ann Rutledge


Genevieve Sartor (Seminar, Fall 2017)

Frank Schaeffer (Lectured, Summer, 2014)

Johanna Seibt (Lectured Spring 2021)

Lenard Skof (Lectured Theology Summit 2016, Lectured Summer 2016, Lectured Summer Conference 2017)

Tod Sloan (Lectured, Spring 2016)

Daniel W. Smith (Lectured in Deleuze Series, Fall 2014)

Gayatri Spivak (Lectured Spring, 2014)

Oliver Stone (Lectured October, 2015)

Mary Jane Sullivan 

Kenneth Surin (Lectured Athens 2015)


Barry Taylor, Ph.D.

Victor Taylor (Patron Supporter)

Giovanni Tusa (Core Faculty) Deconstruction Series I & II, “Democracy Rising”, 2015, Summer Institute, 2018 France

Daniel Tutt (Multiple Series and Lectures—Fall 2014/ Spring 2015)


Christiana Uzoamaka Udeogu-Gozalan


Tere Vadén Member of the Board of Directors, GCAS College Dublin (Core Faculty, Summer Conference, 2017, Programme Spring 2018)

Noelle Vahanian (Lectured Theology Summit, Summer 2016)

Gianni Vattimo

Agata Vielik-Robson (Lectured, Fall 2015)

Katarina Vukovic (Seminar, Fall 2014)


Corey Walker (Core Faculty: Lectured, Fall, 2016)

Rachel K. Ward

McKenzie Wark (Lectured Spring, 2014)

Janell Watson (Lectured Athens 2015)

Rebecca Weisman (Seminar, Berlin Summer 2015)

Micah White (Lectured, Spring, 2016)

Richard Wolff (Lectured, Fall 2015, Summer 2016)



Erin Yerby (Lectured, Spring 2017, Winter 2021, Spring 2021)

Margaret Young (Seminar, Summer, 2017 Slovenia, 2018 in France)


Santiago Zabala (Lectured: Fall, 2014)

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