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International Community

GCAS believes diversity is our strength. We have plans to schedule GCAS seminar courses and institutes at select international cities, such as Chicago, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Krakow, Mexico City, Moscow, Paris, Havana, Maribor, Santiago, Greece, Berlin, Vancouver among others. At GCAS, we believe that a broad and unique perspective is the key to academic growth and that is why our international community of learners is so important to us.

Our population of learners includes:

GCAS’ Diverse Community of International Learners

GCAS is the first higher education institution to bring together the most publicly-engaged, theory-informed and renowned faculty members from countries around the world in the same live and interactive classroom. Countries include: Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland, Chile, Tasmania, the United States and the United Kingdom (at present). GCAS is also the first higher education institution of its kind to draw upon an equally diverse student base, with applicants hailing from each of the countries aforementioned, as well as Belgium, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Namibia, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Turkey and Uruguay and nearly 80 other countries.

Language & Translation

In most parts of the world, at least in the Western world, the language most frequently spoken is English. However, because GCAS is global we have taken the steps and measures to accommodate other dominant languages besides English. Our unique teaching platform allows for instant translation into any other language in the world. This will greatly broaden our global reach especially to the Spanish speaking world and the global south.

Our International Community

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