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Anastasia Nicephore

Anastasia Nicephore, PhD

Director of GCAS Centre Sydney

Anastasia Nicephore

About Anastasia

Anastasia Nicéphore completed her Doctor of Philosophy in English at the University of Sydney Australia in 2016, MA in Educational Leadership and Management at the University of London Institute of Education UCL in 2014, MA Research University of Sydney, and BA (Honours) in English at the University of London Goldsmiths College. She is the recipient of the University Postgraduate Awards (UPA) at the University of Sydney (2013-16), and the Nicholas Aroney Prize (2016). She has over twenty years of teaching and supervision experience in literature, literary theory and criticism, philosophy and psychoanalysis, and critical pedagogy and leadership in Australia and Europe. She is affiliated with the Global Centre for Advanced Studies as the Director of the GCAS Centre Sydney.


Her past work examined the complex nature of the diaspora in the twentieth century, with particular foci on lesser distinguished (post)colonial regions. Currently, she is seeking to engage with the aporias and centralities of human consciousness to integrate a single source of origin: the Platωnic Forms. She is editor of Diasporic Identities and Empire: Cultural Contentions and Literary Landscapes (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013), and currently publishing Platωn’s Reality: Baudrillard’s Nostalgia, and Organised Hallucinations. Anastasia is also an academic and research assistant at the School of Arts Literature and Media at the University of Sydney.

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