Our GCA$Y Token

Our GCA$Y Token

6 pillars

Our Mission

“To provide the highest quality education and research opportunities in the world, debt-free.”

Our mission is global and enduring.  The sufficient capability and capacity to become a leader in global education require courage and a consistent push for innovation. These innovations come from the expertise and dedication of all GCAS faculty, staff, researchers and students.  Our professors are committed to teaching practices focused on theoretical and practical ways to maximize students abilities and gifts to better our world. The GCAS community relies on our diverse student body to continue providing opportunities for this well-grounded, debt-free and empowering education.

Our Vision

“To become a world-leading College, providing the highest quality education debt-free to all qualified students around the world.”

The GCAS vision remains consistent.  It captures our strategic direction, commitment to excellence, justice, truth and global outreach.  Our vision sets the path for increased synergy with renowned scholars and the brightest minds of the younger generation.  It also implies that we can and will adapt with the changing tides of technology, taking advantage of the opportunity to grow the classroom beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar college, into a virtual, live and interactive environment.

The 6 Pillars of GCAS

The education model we developed for our college is the first of its kind and rests on the following six pillars: 

  1. High-Quality Faculty: our faculty co-own the college collectively.

  2. Alumnx Ownership "TOP": Graduates of our degree programmes are invited by the faculty to co-own the college upon graduation. Their ownership value is equal to their tuition invested meaning that tuition is turned into an investment.

  3. Communal Ecosystem: We deploy a fair and democratic crypto-economy, one that's designed socially and not as with many other crypto designs, individually. Our crypto tokens, "GCA$¥" are used internally to our eco-system primarily used by students to help with basic tasks (e.g., edit our peer-reviewed journal, The GCAS Review etc.) in exchange for tuition reduction. This is our way for our academic community to "self-invest" so external leverage is minimized. 

  4. Debt-Free: We are committed to debt-free tuition levels.

  5. Centres: We have seven centers or “nodes” located worldwide with demands for more including in China.

  6. Accreditation: We are applying for accreditation.

Our Values

Democracy: We believe an educated public is essential for a flourishing global society.

Truths: Truths and facts are essential for an informed public.

Diversity: Strength is found not in similarities but in the diversity of all living beings and ecosystems.

Education Access: Students should have access to an excellent education without incurring debt.