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GCAS College was co-created to provide a hopeful and sanguine way forward for education, innovation and decentralized business operations on block chain and crypto currency. We are a response to the increasing need to form a new model for global economic and sustainable growth, innovations, general and targeted knowledge and relevant skill-set acquisition. Not only is our model self-sustaining and growing financially as well as in other basic ways, but the design is inherently an exponential, inclusive, and synergistic growth paradigm that draws on the strength of our global networks, faculty, staff, researchers, investors, partnerships and participants.

In this way, GCAS is not just a traditional College but a trans-sector model created for rapid collaborative economic and innovative growth and exchange.

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GCAS College is a decentralized economic-knowledge growth and exchange platform (EKXP) and limited company consisting of:

  • A Degree Granting College 

  • A Developing Decentralized Collaborative Equity-Venture Firm (via our BA and MA Incubators)

  • A Training and Learning Platform for the acquisition of relevant competency skills for the emerging “Green Economy.”

  • A Study Abroad program (with others in development) in partnership with IGE via Kevin Archer. 

  • Consulting Group (translations, mentorships)

  • Research Institute (gaming, VR AR, holographic emergence learning-gaming platform development) with EdTech and programming

  • Startup Incubators (in partnership with MileSquareLabs) via Preston Junger and Tom Sauer

  • A Developing Global Business and Knowledge Exchange Platform and Hub

  • Our own Cryptocurrency “GCASY” platform on Block Chain (in partnership with ECSA)

  • A Developing Self-Sustaining Farm Strategy “Agra-Nodes” in strategic locations

  • A Developing alternative financial institution

  • A Property and Asset management platform

  • Six (6) learning, business and innovation “Nodes” (centers) located throughout the world

  • Several Media Platforms (films, publishing, podcast etc.)

  • Developing communications technologies, platforms and software (in partnership with hardware and software companies). Three patents are in application phase.

  • A Developing Travel and Hospitality Agency

  • A Developing Decentralized Research Social Media Platform

Increasingly there is demand to establish, nurture and grow a different economic, innovative, scientific, technological, educational and artistic outlook. 

This demand is a direct consequence of the current broken and largely dysfunctional economic, technological, scientific and educational sectors. They are so broken because of their inherent limitations that directly and indirectly undermine economic, technological, educational, and scientific growth. The resources and architecture that comprise, maintain and reproduce these sectors severely and in some instances even inherently impede and inhibit the conditions and contexts within which new innovations, knowledge distribution and acquisition are produced.  Owing to the inherent logic of today’s centralized economy, in the final analysis, prosperity, our future and general human flourishing have been jeopardized.

We believe the current model is broken primarily but not exclusively because it is built on and reproduces a centralizing logic

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