Frequently Asked Questions




How can I become a member of GCAS College?

It's easy and only $5.50/month. Just follow this LINK.

Is a member the same as a co-owner?

No, a member is someone who supports GCAS College Dublin and is enrolled in our ESchool who has access to online live and recorded seminars.

How do I sign-up for your newsletter?

Easy, just email us:

Is GCAS College Dublin the same as The Global Center for Advanced Studies?

No, The Global Center for Advanced Studies "GCAS" is the name of our global education-economy network whereas GCAS College Dublin is our College.

Is GCAS College Dublin accredited?

No, but we are pursuing accreditation both internationally as well as in countries located in different regions around the world.

What is GCAS' "Education-Economy"?

It is a global decentralized network on blockchain through which our educational programs are delivered in a way that all owners (faculty, staff, graduates, and like-minded investors) of our community independently control our own educational production.

How do I co-own GCAS College Dublin?

Our shares are not available to the public.

There are three ways to co-own GCAS College Dublin. 1. You must be invited to join the faculty; 2. You must be a qualified investor who believes in our Mission & Vision; or 3. You must graduate from a degree programme.