Yonathan Listik

PhD Researcher

Yonathan Listik

I was born in Brazil but lived for the last 9 years in Israel where I did my BA and MA. I possess a double graduation in philosophy and sociology & anthropology, along with a teaching license in philosophy, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I proceeded to do my MA at the Tel Aviv University with a period at Sciences Po (Paris).

            My research interest is the possible connections between contemporary ontology in the continental tradition, political theory and aesthetics. More specifically, I am interested in how these themes appear in Nancy, Ronell, Agamben and Rancière. I believe there is an urgency for reflecting on the questions of subjectivity, the private and the public aligned with the place the body occupies in those spheres: the way the ontological notion of being develops into the political-ontological being-with creating the space for new configurations of presence. These new configurations no longer oppose the private to the collective but, operating from the being-with, asks about the singular and the plural properties of being, i.e., instead of coming out of the individualistic perspective grounded on the notion of ‘private’, it aims at a singular-plural subjectivity implicit in being-with. Considering with as an inherent condition of presence, means a reshaping the common- of the notion community as a political notion.

Supervisor: Jean-Luc Nancy

Email: Yonathan.Listik@gcas.ie