GCAS College Dublin


Making Connections Where it Counts

At the Global Centre for Advanced Studies we believe that academic and personal supervision are an essential part of the learning experience.

Academic Mentorship

Supervision is essential. Students are required to meet with their assigned supervisor at least once per month during the academic year. This meeting can be held in different ways including:

(a) Telephone

(b) Email/Chat

(c) Zoom

(d) In person.

GCAS Mentorship Programme

Our first commitment is always to the student and their future. We take seriously the aim of educating the whole unique person, which includes not just the academic and economic health of the student but also, and equally importantly, harnessing the power of a generation that needs an alternative. Unlike the traditional college or university where courses radically separate different parts of the human, the mind from the body. For example, our educational model focuses on how the different parts of our lives fit together to create a whole person and character with dreams, goals, gifts, and desires.