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Stephanie Gray

Stephanie Gray

MA Researcher

Stephanie Gray

About Stephanie

Stephanie Gray is a disabled, non-binary queer femme Jew. They are an organizer, educator, and wellness consultant. Stephanie is associated with the Global Centre for Advanced Studies as a GCAS Master’s Program Student Researcher.

They currently live in Arkansas with their four cats: Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Redford, Grace Kelly, and Bettie Page.

Research Interests

Their research interests involve a cross-disciplinary approach to finding revolutionary ways of understanding time. This includes utilizing Queer Theory, particularly queer BDSM practices and leatherdyke sexuality, Disability Studies and its innovative research in neurodivergence, and the vast knowledge and traditions of Jewish philosophy. It is in a temporality of the margins that we will find new modes of “living together” in spite of the looming and present threats against us.