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Salman Sadeghi

Salman Sadeghi

MA Researcher

Salman Sadeghi

About Salman

Salman Sadeghi studied Mechanical Engineering at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and then continued to a Masters of Science in Energy Systems at Shahrood University of technology.

Sadeghi’s MA at GCAS College focuses on Crypto-economics.

Article in the GCAS Review

Research Interests

Sadeghi’s masters degree focused on the efficiency of operational systems. After graduating, Sadeghi started working for Coiniran, an independent Persian publication covering Blockchain-logics and implementation where he is the Social media manager and researcher with a concentration in Cryptoeconomics. Sadeghi’s other interests include Game theory and Mechanical Design especially engineered through a tokenized economy and context. Sadeghi believes a tokenized economy holds great promise for a decentralized future.