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Katrina Dybzynska

Katrina Dybzynska

MA Researcher

Katrina Dybzynska

About Katrina

Katrina Dybzynska, (BA, GCAS) is a nomadic writer with texts published in Ireland, the UK, the US, Australia, Germany, and Poland. She is completing her MA with GCAS.

Katrina Dybzynska is GCAS College Dublin’s Poet Fellow 2020-2021.

Research Interests

She takes inspiration in magic realism, cartography and solarpunk but is most attracted to genre hybrids. Currently she is working on a book that explores power, resistance and compliance dynamics. Polish Non-Fiction Institute graduate. She has been working as a creativity teacher in South Korea, an art therapist in Cambodia, and facilitator of storytelling for belonging workshops with migrants and refugees in Spain and Jordan. As an activist, her main focus is climate justice, migration and overpopulation.

She is passionate about the narratives of uncivilisation, indigenous cosmologies, decolonization, and Active Hope. She collaborates with the Yes Men because she thinks revolutions should be wittier.