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Christoph Solstreif

Christoph Solstreif-Pirker, PhD

Lecturer in the Department of Social & Political Thought & Post-Graduate Researcher

Christoph Solstreif

About Christoph

Christoph Solstreif-Pirker is an artist, architect, musician, theorist, and philosopher working on performative research, photography, painting, drawing, sound, text, and socio-political engagement. The Austrian-born scientist studied music, architecture, art, and philosophy in Graz, Copenhagen, and Dublin. Christoph is associated with the Global Centre for Advanced Studies as a lecturer in the Department of Social & Political Thought and as a post-graduate researcher in philosophy & psychoanalysis

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Research Interests

He completed his PhD in artistic research and contemporary art under the supervision of Milica Tomić in 2019 (with distinction), and his MA in philosophy and psychoanalysis in 2020, supervised by Bracha L. Ettinger. His research focuses on trans-subjectivity, trauma, political ecology, ecofeminism, copoiesis, feminist psychoanalysis, poly-disciplinamory, continental philosophy, art theory, and their connection to architecture and the wider planetary space. His work has appeared in GAM – Graz Architecture Magazine, Ruukku: Studies in Artistic Research, and JAR: Journal for Artistic Research. Currently, he is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Architecture and Landscape at the Graz University of Technology, Austria, and Research Fellow at the Global Center for Advanced Studies – GCAS College, Dublin.