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Benjamin Puente Schick

Benjamin Puente Schick


Benjamin Puente Schick

About Benjamin

Benjamin Puente Schick is a researcher, educator, and activist, engaging primarily with the intersection between philosophy, politics, applied linguistics and psychology. He is currently teaching German as a second language, preparing a future Ph.D. project, and aspiring to become an investigative journalist. As an alumnus of the Hans-Böckler-Foundation, he holds MA degrees in Cognitive Science (University of Edinburgh, 2018) and in Multilingualism, Linguistics & Education (Goldsmiths, University of London, 2019).  

He is usually based somewhere between Guatemala, the UK, and Germany, where he tries to confront the Sisyphean task of applying his research to how he interrelates with other people and the world.  

Research Interests

As of now, he is exploring decolonial, post-humanist, and critical approaches to pedagogy, history, and cultural studies. His thinking draws from work around phenomenology, embodiment, intersubjectivity, and critical pedagogy, as well as radical ideas on love, economics, technology, and social class. His reading list has the special power of constantly replenishing itself, mostly with books on mythology, racism, ethnomusicology, anthropology of food, capoeira, and revolutionary politics.