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Semahagn Abebe

Semahagn Abebe, PhD

Research Fellow

Semahagn Abebe

About Semahagn

Semahagn Abebe, PhD holds three postgraduate degrees, and has more than six years of experience in teaching and research in multidisciplinary settings. Working as an educator and a researcher in different institutions, including the National University of Ireland, McGill University, the University of Connecticut and Endicott College, Dr. Abebe has acquired experience and skills in teaching and research in areas of economic and social justice, conflict resolution, human rights, and international law. Semahagn is associated with the Global Centre for Advanced Studies as a Research Fellow.


University of Goettingen Ph.D.- 2012 – Accommodation of Cultural Rights, Decentralization, Multicultural Federalism in sub-Saharan Africa.

University of Goettingen  LL.M. – 2009 – Democracy, Ethnic Diversity, Human Rights.

University of Amsterdam LL.M. – 2007 – International Economic Law and Human Rights.

Addis Ababa University LL.B. – 1996 – Law

Semahagn’s Book

the last post-cold war socialist federation by semahagn abebe