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Andreas Wilmes

Andreas Wilmes, PhD

Research Fellow

Andreas Wilmes

About Andreas

Andreas Wilmes received his PhD degree in Philosophy from University Paris-Descartes. He taught courses in philosophy at the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (Lyon, France) and is currently a lecturer at the West University of Timisoara.  Andreas Wilmes is associated with the Global Centre for Advanced Studies as a Research Fellow.

Research Interests

The ultimate purpose of his research is facing the issue of violence and evil squarely. First, he aims to assess how philosophical theories succeed or fail to account for phenomena of extreme violence such as serial homicide, sexual murder, terrorism, and child abuse. Second, he aims to reinterpret the history of western philosophy through the lenses of contemporary research on the anthropology of violence and sacrifice.  Third, part of his work as a researcher pertains to philosophy of psychiatry and seeks to critically inquire into current and commonly used concepts such as “psychopathy,” “narcissism,” “splitting of the ego,” or “death instinct.”

It is Andreas’ firm conviction that violence, rather than sexuality, is the primary subject of psychological repression; that contemporary (and especially postmodern) philosophy gradually dismissed the issue of violence; and that authentic academic debates on violence are more and more undermined by identity politics. In 2017, he founded the Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence which aims at fostering scholarly discussions on violence regardless of political leanings and philosophical schools of thought.


Andreas Wilmes’ list of publications and academic resume.