GCAS College Dublin

GCAS Ownership Programme

The GCAS Token Economy

The GCAS Ownership Programme is our one-of-a-kind shared economic system that facilitates growth and collaboration between faculty, staff, students, and even graduates. Keep on reading to learn more about our innovative token economy.

Ownership Programme

The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS), aka GCAS College Dublin, was created to overcome the crisis of higher education, not just in the United States, Canada, and England, but around the world. GCAS was founded on the belief that the future will require cooperation, collaboration, and co-ownership models of human interaction. 

That is why we designed a model in which GCAS College Dublin’s token (GCASy) may be converted into ownership equity upon graduation (some restrictions apply). The idea is that GCAS students become the future owners of their college to help ensure its lasting quality. The programmes are centered around developing a communal power to collectively create the future opportunities. This means that students can invest their time in helping GCAS grow, and earn our GCASy token. When a student graduates they can convert their earned GCASy tokens into ownership stock shares in GCAS College Dublin, Limited. Every student who attends our college in a degree programme is quite literally a potential co-owner of GCAS College Dublin. But you must graduate to become a co-owner.


Co-Ownership is a core principle of the GCAS ecosystem.

Debt-Free Higher-Education College

GCAS is a “debt-free” college.

GCAS tuition levels are low enough for students to be able to pay for their living expenses and pay tuition while earning a part-time income and studying. GCAS enables students to do this by offering fully remote studying options. For those in need, GCAS offers scholarships as well as the possibility of earning our GCAS Token by performing tasks to help the college’s ecosystem grow.