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What students need is a way out... a way out of debt, of standardized tests, of total conformity to a system that doesn’t care about them, and is, in fact destroying our planet. Students need GCAS College.
— Creston Davis, PhD Chancellor

Welcome Note

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to GCAS College Dublin. GCAS was founded in 2013 by over 100 leading intellectuals, writers, philosophers, and social scientists with a two-fold aim: (a) providing students with the highest quality education, debt-free; and (b) providing a learning environment bold enough to forge new horizons of thinking and the transformation of our world.  

What began as a dream has developed into a global network in which hundreds of seminars, workshops, lectures, conferences and hundreds of thousands of people have engaged and extended a needed and new paradigm of thinking, together.

GCAS is located in New York City, Dublin, Ireland, Bergerac, France and Santiago, Chile and a new center is opening in Australia in early 2019. At GCAS College Dublin we offer BA, MA and PhD degrees designed to change the world. Our degrees are awarded by us, whilst we seek accreditation in Europe and elsewhere.

We believe that learning and growing intellectually and personally is crucial for our time so that we can apply new and innovative ways of understanding and transforming our world to the betterment of all. 

Welcome to GCAS College!  


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Creston Davis, PhD