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Tuition Ownership Program

[some restrictions apply]


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Here's a video introduction to GCA$¥ our tracking-contribution eco-system. 

GCA$¥ has no value or security it is GCAS' way to track contributions.

GCAS College Dublin reserves the right to change the terms of this "TOP" program at any time.


The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS), GCAS College Dublin, & GCAS South America were created to overcome the crisis of higher education, not just in the United States, Canada and England, but around the world. GCAS was founded on the belief that the future will require cooperation, collaboration and co-ownership. 

That is why we designed a model in which GCAS College Dublin tuition dollars may be converted into ownership equity upon graduation (some restrictions apply). The idea is that a GCAS student becomes the future owner and a decision maker in our college to help ensure its lasting quality. The program is centered around developing this communal power to collectively create the future opportunities that await us all. This means that if you invest funds in the pursuit of a degree program with our world-class faculty, these funds may be converted into ownership shares in GCAS College Dublin upon graduation. Every student who attends our college is quite literally a potential future partner and potential co-owner of GCAS College Dublin.

To further develop this cooperative ownership model, we have proudly partnered with The Economic Space Agency. Through these partnerships we’ve been able to develop our cooperative GCA$¥ token tracking system on via our Crypto-Hub and thereby open up an entirely new, decentralized economy for our community.

There are some restrictions. One restriction is tethered to the time restraints on selling shares, which vary depending on the degree program from which a student graduates. During those years however, your ownership value may be growing in value. In other words, as you grow we grow, as we grow you grow. As in any co-operative ownership structure, there are risks and there is no guarantee for value growth. But by working together and following our ethical commitments to improving the world and each other, we believe we can accomplish more than the current models allow. 

We invite you to join us by becoming more familiar with our unique project and platform, but also by asking for more information about the risks involved. Write to us at: contact@gcas.edu or schedule an online meeting here:


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