Research Programme

PhD in Social & Political Thought

Research Supervisor

Dejan Lukić, PhD


Tianming Yao

PhD Researcher

Tianming Yao

From commercial enterprise, international organisation, government to grass-roots NGO, in the last 9 years I have accumulated inside perspectives in different fields through first-hand social engagement, and acquired insight into the structure of society and how it functions as a whole. Now I am reaching the turning point of my life where I am looking to fully utilise my specialities and passion in activism and academia.

I joined GCAS because I share its vision and values.

Both of my two postgraduate degrees have focused on the survival and resistance of disadvantaged and marginalised social groups, such as grass-roots NGOs and sexual minorities. Inspired by Foucault’s (1978) The History of Sexuality, I became interested in discovering the underlying power relations behind the ideological construction of non-monogamous relationships in Western media. Because ‘social research and scholarship is a form of social and political articulation and action’ (Ho, 2006: 562), researching such topics is a way of shedding light on social ostracism and giving voice to those who have traditionally been silenced and invisible. By deconstructing hegemonic ideologies and providing alternative discourse, my research aims to contribute to the humanistic goals of reducing prejudice and improving social well-being.


Academic Background

MA, Social Science Research (Sociology) University of Nottingham (UK)

MPA (Master of Public Administration) Jinan University - Guangzhou, China

BA Japanese Language and Literature Communication University of China - Beijing, China

GCAS College Activities

Core Organizing Team: GCAS Centre China

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