Thomas Sauer

Lecturer, Start-Up Studies Department

Thomas (Tom) Sauer (Left)

Thomas (Tom) Sauer (Left)

Experienced and proven leader with track record of success in Fintech, SME, and Healthcare. Early ex-Yodle, LivingSocial, and Fundera. Proud to have laid the tracks down for a special team and company that is helping thousands of dreamers obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in responsible small business loans. 

I’m currently advising/coaching and building out our group, Mile Square Labs. We successfully deploy, optimize, and execute sales strategies to make non-sales CEO’s more successful. I am also moving other ideas and passions forward that I hope will impact both my neighborhood and the broader startup community.

Expertise: Leadership, developing world-class talent, sales/sales process design, business development, managing client/partner/vendor relations, people and performance management, training and development, managing key accounts, creating sales infrastructure, developing niche markets, motivating talent.

Personally: Spending time with my family and friends, sports of all sorts, good coffee, music, new experiences, and getting outdoors as much as possible.