Lecturer in the Business Start-Up Studies Department


Thomas Hampton

PhD Researcher


Executive Editor, The GCAS Review


Thomas researches Christian missionary work and epistemology.  He is also interested in sustainability theory, biopolitics, ethics, disability theory, critical theory, and philosophy of religion.  He believes that theoretical research should be practically useful, and he spends most of his free time testing his conclusions personally, socially, and politically.  

Thomas holds a BSE degree in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University (2016), and he is finishing an M.Div degree from Columbia Theological Seminary (2019).  

Thomas lives in Decatur, Georgia.  He is the founder of the medical device startup Parallax Hearing Company (ParallaxHearing.com), and he is the Executive Director of the nonprofit Sustainable Engineering Institute (SustainableEngineering.org).  His personal website is Hamptonium.com.

Email:  Thomas.Hampton@gcas.ie