PhD Deadline: 1 June, 2018

The next PhD deadline for submitting your application will be 1 August, 2018. The next Doctoral Researchers Cohort will begin October 1, 2018.

Our students come from some of the best academic institutions in the world, including UC Berkeley, Columbia University, London School of Economics, Johns Hopkins, and University of Chicago. However, as a school that is challenging traditional academia, we look above all for students who bring diverse backgrounds, experiences, and fresh perspectives to the conversation. If you are passionate about learning new skills to join the intellectual tradition and to help to shape the future of learning, we welcome you to apply below.

This degree is in Social & Political Thought

GCAS awards our own degrees


BA and MA Programs

 We plan to commence our BA and MA programs in September, 2019. Our application deadline is 1 April, 2019 (more information will be posted shortly)

Read Before you Apply

Because The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS) has had students taking unaccredited seminars with us from over 120 different countries it's important to check with your countries Ministry or Department of Education to ensure that a degree from GCAS College Dublin is recognized. 

Most countries in the world accept the European Qualifications Framework accreditation such as The United States and Canada for example; indeed it's the same framework that validates Trinity College Dublin and other European Universities such as the University of Paris, the University of Amsterdam, Berlin and so forth.  GCAS is not accredited but we are seeking validation to award BA, MA and PhD degrees under this framework. 

Education Format and Validating Courses

GCAS College Dublin's primary focus is on rigorous scholarship both online and in person--i.e., a blended model. Although you may take all of the required coursework in our live online platform interacting with the professor and other students, your course will not be validated until you have taking exams in person administered by a GCAS faculty member. This means that you will be required to take exams in person during or after your coursework is completed.  These exams can happen at one of our in-residence events, seminars, summer institutes on our campus in Ireland or other arrangements can be made. There is no additional charge for exams except when a proctored exam is arranged external to GCAS events. Students must notify their academic advisor if they wish to take exams 1 month prior to a GCAS event during which exams are administered. 

Transfer from GCAS College Dublin

If you would like to transfer from GCAS and have your courses validated so they can transfer with you, you will need to take an exam proctored by a GCAS faculty member that validates that you have met or exceeded quality learning standards, objectives and learning outcomes. Arrangement for taking an in-person exam can be made through our office by, for example, having a GCAS faculty member visit you in person to administer exams but you will need to keep in mind that the costs for this is on the student.  

Students who are accepted into our program can receive "student visa" status after October, 2018. There is a 300 euro fee for a student visa. This cost is in addition to tuition costs.  Proof of Health insurance is required for any student who applies for student visa.  Travel costs to and from GCAS is to be covered by the student. 




Submit Application Form

Please complete the application form below to get the process started.


Send Writing Sample

Email a recent writing sample of at least 3,000 words in PDF format and a one page research statement to The research statement must be focused and include your goals as a GCAS researcher. If you are applying for the MA and PhD programs you must also include a CV. 


Application Interview

We will reach out to you to schedule an application interview.


After the Interview you will be invited to the following supporting documents: (a) PhD thesis overview (4-5 pages); (b) a 2-3 page methodology statement; (c) a short 5 book/article annotated bibliography; (d) an extended bibliography (20-30) texts. More details will be provided to you after the Interview.

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GCAS College Dublin is not accredited, we award our own degrees. GCAS has completed our application for accreditation, but we cannot guarantee validation. We have applied for validation under the European Qualification Framework in Ireland.