Previous GCAS Summer Institutes & Conferences

1st Annual, “Badiou on Badiou” July 2014

2nd, “Democracy Rising” Athens, Greece July 2015

3rd, “Democracy Rising” Philadelphia June 2016

4th, “Practicing Intellectual Resistance” Maribor, Slovenia July 2017

5th, “Aesthetic Resistance & Performance: Philosophy, Fascism, Democracy” Saint-Erme-Outre-et-Ramecourt, France June 2018

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Alain Badiou
Summer Institute 2018

A View of the beautiful Art-Philosophy-Farm.

6th Annual GCAS Summer Institute & Conference

Theme: "Art & Philosophy as a Mode of Production"

Dates: Saturday July 13 through Saturday July 20

Location: GCAS France @ Le Caillou and a Vineyard House


Lewis Gordon, PhD

50 Guests Only


One of the greatest fear of any reigning order of things is the freedom of critical thinking and the ability to reproduce the conditions for critical thinking and creative action. Within the context of the contemporary university the freedom to think critically and differently has been largely compromised by the mode of production on which it rests. This Institute is devoted to strategically thinking through the implications of doing philosophy & art within the conditions of a different mode of production altogether — a mode of production created and reproduced by and through our community, The Global Center for Advanced Studies & GCAS College Dublin. This institute will take place on a farm in France, “Le Caillou”.

Conference: Sunday July 14

Seminars: Lewis Gordon, Rocco Gangle, Francisco Gonzalez Castro, Margaret Young, Creston Davis

See schedule below or download here See schedule in google-doc here.

Registration Fee:

400€ If you’re presenting a talk (your talk must be approved)

500€ If you are attending and not presenting a paper.

What the Registration Fee Covers


For one bed in a shared room

Should you wish for your own room the cost is 560€

What the Registration Fee Does Not Cover


Admission Fees to Vineyard & Historic Cave Visits

Food Costs are approximately 10€/ per day not including wine.

Registration Deadline:

March 1, 2019

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Summer Institute Poster 2019.png


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Our conferences and summer institutes are geared toward publishing the proceedings. Our 4th annual conference and institute, for example, is being edited and published in an academic book series.

The plan for this year’s conference is to publish the proceedings in a peer-reviewed journal or book after the editing process.