Stephen Bujno

PhD Researcher

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Stephen Bujno has earned graduate degrees in Philosophical Anthropology and Moral Theology. As a formally trained, life-long professional ceramic artist, he blends those research areas with the aesthetics of beauty. This culminates in exploring the interrelation of human persons with each other and the development of culture. Currently, he is a doctoral student (in Political and Social Thought) with GCAS-RII researching alt-experiences of apriori love manifesting in personal and cultural transformation.

With published journal articles in the Social Justice Review (the oldest social justice journal in the United States)Stephen has peer-reviewed writings on topics ranging from poverty and hypocrisy, including a response to the ‘2008 Recession’ entitled, “Economic Ideology:  A Virtueless Recovery”. Along with a published chapter, “Liturgical Man—An Anthropology of Light”, he has a journal book due to appear in print this fall entitled, The Ways of Love: Transforming the Person.

Stephen lives with his wife and extended family north west of Philadelphia, PA. He can be reached via email—


Member of the Curriculum Design Commission