Stefan Winter, MA/PhD Researcher

Stefan Winter

Stefan Winter is an artist, theorist, and social activist located in Hamburg, Germany. He received his degree in Performing Arts from Stage School for Professional Artists Hamburg in 2008 and worked the following years as a stage actor. However, dissatisfied with the performing art industry, he followed his interests in social, political, and philosophical studies and earned a BA in Human Development from the International YMCA University in Kassel. Stefan is currently employed as the head of the afternoon care at an elementary school. He hosts a monthly live talk show at his favourite bar and pulls all-nighters behind a dj desk. He is passionate about travelling, good food and the beauty of nature. And he loves an inspired discussion over a glass of wine or two. At GCAS, he is pursuing a MA in Political-Artistic & Philosophical Practices to bring together his artistic and academic background. The focus of his research is art in the common as a catalyst for connection. He is intrigued by art as an event and its capacity to reconnect us to our humanity.