Preston Price, PhD Researcher


Preston trans.png

Preston Price's research intersects within the fields of biopolitics, political theology, and radical theology. Using these contemporary discourses, Preston seeks to chart the role of institutions in the making of human subjectivity, particularly the influences of economies, governments, and religious theories. The purpose of his research is to understand how subjects are made in a neo-liberal age while paying attention to various sites of liberation. Preston will challenge traditional notions of theology through applying accounts of post-Death of God theology to the anthropological framework created by today's monetary and labor situations while also offering new ways to think about sovereignty. Broadly speaking, Preston is interested in the relationship between power and human flourishing. What roles do humanly-created artifacts like the state or church play in human subjugation and liberation and how can we conceive of new worlds through theological articulations? Or, is theology dead? Preston's research aims to continue the work of radical theology by entering into deep and sustained conversation with many of the traditional and current proponents of the field while, hopefully, furthering its challenge both to theology in general and towards the wider world.