In addition to our core faculty our affiliate professors will teach and serve as guest lecturers in seminars and our annual Summer Institute. 

 Rosangela Barcaro, PhD

Lecturer and Member of the Governing Board of GCAS-RII; Research Focus:  Ethics, Bio-Ethics, Bio Art

Creston Davis, PhD

Associate Professor, Founding Director of GCAS, and Executive Director of GCAS-RII:  Research Focus: Continental Philosophy, Epistemology, Psychoanalysis,  Literature, Critical Pedagogy 

Joshua Ramey, PhD

Senior Lecturer; Research Focus: Deleuze, Magic, Neoliberalism, Phenomenology 

Julie Reshe, PhD

Lecturer; Research Focus: Psychoanalysis, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Love, Desire

Tere Vadén, PhD

Professor; Research Focus: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Alternative Energy, Economics

Frank G. Karioris, PhD

Senior Lecturer & Dean of Academic Affairs; Research Focus: Pedagogy, Gender Studies, Sociology & Social Anthropology