Application Instructions and Phases

  1. Complete “Phase one (1)” application form (on this page)

  2. Pay the application fee. The application fee is 10€ or $11.50

  3. Once we receive your (a) Phase one (1) application; and (b) application fee we will notify you via the email address you provided in the application.

  4. You will then be sent Phase two (2) of the PhD Application. Please note: it may take up to 1 week to send you Phase 2 owing to the amount of PhD Phase 1 applications.

    This phase is divided into the following eight (8) parts:

    (a) Submit: a current CV (Curriculum Vitae)

    (b) Submit: A PHD Research Proposal (five to six pages in length double spaced and 12 inch font size)

    (c) Submit: A Methodological Statement (two pages in length)

    (d) Submit: An Annotated Bibliography of 5 books/articles germane to your research

    (e) Submit: A bibliography that reflects the corpus of your research field. The bibliography must contain at least 25 books/articles.

    (f) Submit: A Research Writing Sample (at least 3,000 words in length)

    (g) Pass an Interview (online or in person)

    (h) Submit English Language Exam results if required

  5. After the applicant completes Phase two (2) you will be informed about the decision that Application’s Committee makes. This will normally take two weeks from the time you complete Phase Two (2) requirements.

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Our students and researchers come from some of the best academic institutions in the world, including UC Berkeley, Yale, Duke, Columbia, London School of Economics, Johns Hopkins, Case Western, Swarthmore, and Oberlin colleges just to name a few. However, as a school that is challenging traditional academia, we look above all for students who bring diverse backgrounds, experiences, and fresh perspectives to research and teaching.

Doctorate (PhD) in


Philosophy & Psychoanalysis

Critical Theory

Department of Social & Political Thought


Length: 3 Year

Tuition Costs: 5,000€

Requirements: 180 Credits, Courses, Dissertation, Defense

Prerequisites: Masters Degree or higher

The PhD program is hybrid consisting of: (a) five required PhD seminars; and (b) closely supervised research. The programme is three (3) years in length and requires the student to complete 180 credit hours. Some requirements include: (a) monthly supervision & dissertation peer mentor hours; (b) doctoral comprehensive examinations, publish a peer-reviewed article among other requirements. For all the requirements please consult The Graduate College Student Handbook.

The doctoral dissertation length and structure may vary between 70,000 - 80,000 words (excluding bibliography and appendices) and not to exceed 100,000 words. Footnotes & citations normally should not exceed 20% of the dissertation. For more details consult the GCAS Handbook.

This means that course work is not required in our PhD program unless your academic supervisor requires it.

Read Before you Apply

Because GCAS College Dublin has had students taking unaccredited seminars with us from over 120 different countries it's important to check with your country’s Ministry or Department of Education to ensure that a degree from GCAS College Dublin is recognized. 

Some countries, such as The United States and Canada, accept the European Qualifications Framework accreditation. GCAS is not accredited but we are seeking validation to award BA, MA and PhD degrees.

Education Format and Validating Courses

GCAS College Dublin's primary focus is on rigorous scholarship both online and in person--i.e., a blended learning model. Although you may take all of the required coursework in our live online platform interacting with the professor and other students, your courses will not be validated until you have taken Doctoral Comprehensive Examinations (DCEs) in person administered by a GCAS faculty member. This means that you will be required to take DCEs in person, normally after you complete 1 academic year of research.  These exams can happen at one of our in-residence events, seminars, summer institutes or on our campus in Ireland (or other campuses) where arrangements can be made. There is no additional charge for exams except when a proctored exam is arranged external to GCAS events. Students must notify their academic advisor if they wish to take exams 1 month prior to a GCAS event during which exams are administered. 

GCAS College seeks students who will become lifelong co-owners of our college after graduation.
— Creston Davis, PhD Chancellor

Please be advised there are English Language Requirements that each applicant must meet or exceed in order to be offered acceptance. Please familiarize yourself with our language requirements in section 1.19 in the Graduate Student Handbook.

During the Interview Phase of the application process you will need a private connection to the Internet with a minimum speed required as follows:

Download: 2Mbps    Upload: 128kbps

You can measure your internet speed via this link.

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Of Note: Owners of GCAS College Dublin who apply cannot receive a degree.

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You will not be admitted into the PhD program without an MA degree or higher, which is awarded by an accredited institution of higher education.
You may only apply to one program for one application. Those who seek to apply to other programs must complete a separate application.
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Owners of GCAS College who apply will not receive a degree.

GCAS College PhD Degree Programs

GCAS College PhD Application


GCAS College Dublin is recruiting the best minds of the next generation. We are excited to form the first class of our new PhD program in Philosophy & Psychoanalysis as well as our ongoing PhD program in Social & Political Thought. We take seriously our job of supporting our students and researchers with the highest quality educational resources available.

We consider this recruitment and application process to be a crucial part of accepting new PhD Researchers into our program. This is because when an applicant is accepted, they will enter into a world-leading academic community, and when the student graduates, they will become co-owners of GCAS College Dublin along with the faculty and other graduates. Our application process is designed like it is because we want to discover and work with applicants who understand and want to extend our mission, vision and values throughout their lives.

The PhD Application contains two required phases. Phase one (1) is the initial application and fee. Phase two (2) is advanced and gives the applicant and GCAS College Dublin opportunities to get to know each other better. There are no additional fees in Phase two (2). After the applicant completes Phase two (2) they will be notified whether or not they have been accepted into our College and global academic community.