Natiq Islam

GCAS Sydney Core Team

Natiq Picture.jpg

As a student of Law and International Relations at the University of Sydney, Natiq has a firm belief that the strength of the law is not determined by the existence of a police force. Rather, it is the strength of the law itself and the degree to which people have internalised it. Natiq’s background in the arts and humanities greatly informs his normative approach towards the law.

As an Educational Specialist in the English and Humanities fields, Natiq’s vision is to empower students through interactive learning and genuine discussions, not monologues. As a litigation Law Clerk and Editor of publications at the Sydney University Law Society, Natiq traversed complex legal debates concerning identity and race within the legal profession. Natiq believes that the knowledge and curiosity of his students have over time taught him the immeasurable value of embracing a growth mindset.