Ömer Faruk Yıldız

Junior Research Fellow of Economic History of Turkey and Ottoman Empire

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I was born in the city of Kars, located in the eastern most region in Turkey. I lived there until I went to university. In 2008, the direction of my life changed as I moved to the other side of Turkey, Istanbul. Istanbul is one of the most well-known cities in the world and nexus point of many historic empires and cultures. It was in this city that my economics education started at Yıldız Technical University. When I was a student at the faculty of economics, the world experienced a near global economic meltdown, in 2008. Naturally, some new questions influenced my scholarship. In order to get a deeper understandings and find some answers about the economic system, I furthered my studies via a masters of economic policy at Istanbul University. I completed my research with an MA thesis entitled: “The Process of Middle Classes Around the World and in Turkey”.

As a researcher, my studies focus on economic inequality, social classes, economic history, the history of Ottoman Empire and Turkey, and translations of key essays and articles from the English language into Turkish. In addition, since I believe that history should include not only “great people”, but also ordinary people, I personally tried to examine the tombstones of the Ottoman period, which are very special and reveal many further questions. In the end, I believe the way to change something is through design and technology, so I have been serving as a design and web developer and consultant to some small entrepreneurs.


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