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Perhaps the best thing you can do in today’s threatening context of growing levels of neo-fascism, authoritarianism, post-truth, anti-intellectualism is to join the global academic community we call, The Global Center for Advanced Studies, GCAS
— Creston Davis, PhD Founder

Join the over 200+ members already part of GCAS

In an age where freedom of ideas, truth-claims, and learning in general has been compromised by profiteering, unbelievable student debt levels, and the centralization of global finance many have formed a countervailing strategy. In 2013 over 100 intellectuals formed The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS). Last year, in 2018 we formed GCAS College Dublin, Ltd. (a College co-owned and operated by Faculty and Graduates), and in 2017 we formed the non-profit GCAS Research Institute Ireland (GCAS RI). Our aim is simple: to create a debt-free, rigorous learning space within which ideas are exchanged around the globe so that we can work together to address the most vexing issues confronting us today such as clean water, healthy food, safe shelter, border walls, clean energy, better modes of economic production, fake news, through powerful and satisfying intellectual arguments that benefit all people and not just a few.

We want to raise the level of understanding and consciousness the world over without borders.

We are inviting you to join with us to grow our mission into all parts of the world so that information, rigorous and challenging thinking, and actions help make our world a better, healthier place to live for us today and for the next generation tomorrow.

  • Your funds will

    • Help provide free education in our degree programs to super smart intellectuals from all parts of the world. We currently have students & researchers from countries such as Ghana, Zimbabwe, Iran, China, Turkey, Uruguay, Philippines, Chile, Australia, France, Canada, Equator, Mexico, Greece, Spain, Canada, Ireland, USA just to name a few. The key is for those who have to share their resources to help make a better life for those in need.

    • Sponsor our GCAS Radio Program (to be launch in March 2019)

    • Sponsor new films (we have already sponsored two amazing films already)

    • Help fund our global community forum in which we share research findings

    • Help fund our free online open magazine and journal, The GCAS Review

    • Help launch new centers around the globe

  • Access Research materials via our online community forum

  • Enter into our own mode of educational production (via our GCA$¥ Crypto-tokens). You’ll receive 100 GCA$¥ tokens. We partner with The Economic Space Agency

  • Mentorship possibilities with leading experts in many fields in the humanities, the social sciences, and the hard sciences

  • Weekly updates about seminars and the goings-on with all things GCAS

Membership Benefits

Basic 150€/ Year+ VAT (where applicable)

  • Free Enrollment in our E-School via designated self-paced courses.

  • Limited access to our seminar archives (over 500 recordings)

  • A GCAS.ie Email Account (with apps) [a Google based account]

  • A Research Page on our website dedicated to your research

  • 100 GCASY Crypto Tokens (to get you started). These tokens will not be issued until you have claimed them via GCASY Claim form with access to an Ethereum compatible digital wallet with your public key.


There is a 30 day refund policy. Simply tell us that you would like your funds returned before 30 days of purchase and we will return your funds.


  • You must be 18 years old or older

  • You must have a BA degree (or higher) from a recognized college or university

  • You must agree to the GCASY Crypto Disclaimer

GCAS College reserves the right to not accept all applications for reasons determined by GCAS College.