Maria Beatty

Visiting Instructor 2018-2019

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Maria Beatty is one of the world most renowned erotic noir filmmakers. Her work is kink-focused with primarily female performers, often shot in black-and-white. Her filmmaking style is high-end and artistic, and she cites Andy Warhol, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Irving Klaw and Bettie Page as inspirations for her work. “My films delight in the playful relationship between pleasure and pain,” she says on her site, listing a wide variety of fetishes seen in her work. Some of her films have a surreal atmosphere, and some openly play with shocking the audience. Maria Beatty has produced all of her films independently. She has also appeared as a performer in several of them.

Maria will be co-directing the BDSM-Therapy Certificate Program 2018-2019