Masters in Social & Political Thought

Duration: 1 year full-time or 2 years part-time

Inaugural Start Date: September, 2019

Degree awarded by GCAS-RII


Program Aim and Outcomes
Set up to provide students are broad and overarching set of skills and knowledges, the MA in Social & Political Thought is designed for students from a variety of backgrounds to participate in. Similar in its breadth to a MA in Liberal Arts, this program will give students the ability to look critically at the world around them and to engage with the issues of today. These courses are structured in such a way as to provide students and instructors to focus on what is of most importance to the group while also ensuring that each student leaves the class with a core set of skills or knowledges. 

In addition to coursework, each student will spend the last portion of their degree doing a supervised Thesis. They will work one-on-one with their advisor to write and defend a substantive piece of work on a topic chosen in consultation with their advisor. 

Program Structure
As laid out below, the program is fairly structured, providing students a guided program, while also allowing them various chances to take electives and focus their program. Throughout the program students will have to take 120 ECTS. Students are also invited, though not mandated to join for the Summer Institute that is held in a different location each year. During this Institute three courses will be offered and students will have the chance to gain 15 ECTS. These classes will be taught by top tier scholars from around the globe. Attending the Summer Institute will substitute for three electives. Students will also have to undertake a Master’s Thesis. During the second year the thesis amounts to 30 ECTS. The thesis should be between 20,000 to 30,000 words in length. If a student would like to petition for a word count extension, they should meet with their supervisor and together discuss this with the Dean of Academic Affairs. 

All modules listed below are mandatory for all MA students to take. To discuss electives students should contact members of faculty or the Dean of Academic Affairs. 

Placement Information
We anticipate graduates from GCAS’s MA in Social & Political Thought program to go onto a variety of careers and positions post-degree. These include working on policy, for nonprofits and NGOs, as well as continuing their education. The degree’s emphasis on critical thinking makes it useful for entrance into almost any position. Data shows that more businesses are looking for people with degrees in Liberal Arts or Philosophy. We believe that graduates from this program will be similarly highly sought after.